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Alexa Ciattarelli



Twitter ID: @AlexaCWVUNews

Fun Fact: Over the course of the past 10 years, Alexa has collected and donated over 1,000 community service hours by volunteering at local nursing homes and soup kitchens.

Alexa is a television journalism student at West Virginia University, with a minor in communication studies.  Following her graduation in May of 2017, Alexa hopes to move back to her home state of New Jersey and work as a news anchor.

Her dream has always been to be an anchor on Good Morning America.

Previously, Alexa has volunteered as the Director of Fundraising for a New Jersey State Assemblyman.  She has also worked as a sales executive for WVU’s collegiate newspaper The Daily Athenaeum and a chapter President of a 501(c) corporation.  Through her work experience, Alexa has gained confidence in communicating with others. 

In her free time, Alexa enjoys cooking, skiing, doing community service and exercising with her French and English bulldog, Jordy.

Alexa is thrilled to be working with the Emmy Award Winning WVU News for her last semester on campus.