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Jackson Lilly

Twitter ID: @JacksonWVUnews
Fun Fact: Jackson won the state championship in swimming three out of his four years in high school and was one of the top 6 fastest 500 freestyle swimmers in the state. 

Jackson Lilly will graduate from West Virginia University in May 2017 as a broadcast journalism major with a minor in theatre. He was born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia and has never traveled too far from the east coast.

While he has been limited to West Virginia and the surrounding states, his dreams of traveling are still very much alive. Jackson is looking to move in order to find a job in a large market and become a news producer or director. Growing up with parents in the news business had an effect on Jackson. While both parents tried to deter him from the journalism profession, it only made his curiosity and passion for it grow that much more.

During his free time, Jackson likes to tinker on his computer that he built and help others build their own. When time allows, he also records short skit videos with a few of his friends and edits them together in Adobe Premiere.