Autumn Lonon

Entertainment Beat Reporter

Twitter Name: @autumn_london

Autumn Lonon
I am a twenty-one year old New Jersey native, who is passionate about everything I do in life. Journalism is definitely one up there on my list. I found my niche for writing at a young age, but I realized I wanted to do broadcast as I grew older and learned more about myself. I love to inform people on almost any topic that I am knowledgeable about and help them learn more about certain issues. I feel as though broadcasting is my outlet to do that and I want to take full advantage of that. I am not only interested in television production; I have recently discovered a love for multi-media productions such as webcasts and websites, thanks to Pittsburgh’s WPXI Channel 11 news station. Over this past summer I was an intern for their web department, “See and Be Seen”. I learned so much from everyone there, it was such a great experience- it opened up new doors for me and broadened my horizon. Before my internship at WPXI, I was solely focused on one thing and one thing only, but now I learned to love other aspects of journalism. I also had a brief internship at KDKA-TV for their morning show, “Pittsburgh Today Live,” but due to my hectic school and work schedule I unfortunately had to eliminate the internship from my daily planner. I still learned a lot from everyone at KDKA, as I would look around the newsroom or roam around the corridors of the first level of Gateway Centre’s building one; it only motivated me to do better than what I thought was possible. I am really excited to start WVU News, but I am also nervous. I want to stand out and excel in this class so I can prove it to myself that I can make it someday.