Katiann Marshall

Government Beat Reporter

Email: Katiann.Marshall@gmail.com
Website: katiannmarshall.wordpress.com
Twitter Name: @Katiann.Marshall

Katiann Marshall
My name is Katiann Marshall and I am from Hagerstown, MD. I am a senior at West Virginia University, majoring in Television Journalism, with a minor in Sports Communications. My expected graduation date is August 2012. This semester I am extremely excited to be a part of the WVU NEWS team!

I have tried to gain as much journalism experience as possible. My sophomore and junior year I wrote for the school newspaper, The Daily Athenaeum, as a news writer. I also worked in news at U92, the schools radio station. I had a summer internship with WDTV in Bridgeport, WV, and I also volunteered at the Little League Softball World Series doing stats and social media. I have worked for a couple branches of ESPN, after meeting an Operations Manager last summer. In addition to that, I hold a steady position at West Virginia Media- WBOY Channel 12 as a news director/camera operator for West Virginia Tonight Live. I really enjoy my time at WBOY and even though my overall goal is to be on-air, I believe having behind the scene skills in also very important. After graduation, I hope to land a news anchor or sports reporter position. My dream job would to be a sports reporter for ESPN.