Sebouh Majarian

Sports Anchor and Reporter

Twitter Name: @Sebouhmajarian

Sebouh Majarian
I’m a 22-year old diehard sports fan from Boston. Since I can remember this is what I’ve wanted to do and I have had countless friends and family reinforce that this is what I should be doing. Throughout the years I’ve expanded my knowledge and skills through internships at a newspaper (Lowell Sun) which became a paying job after, and at a major TV station in a top-10 market (Fox25 Boston). Both experiences were very beneficial, as it allowed me to work on my interview preparations, what questions to ask, how to ask it and so on. What I believe will be most important for me was actually interviewing athletes of all levels. I’ve conducted one-on-one interviews with athletes such as David Ortiz and Junior Seau, while also going to the Patriots locker room weekly to get sound-bites from those willing to talk to the media. Besides being a full-time student, I work at the DA as the beat writer for the gymnastics and volleyball teams.