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ESPNU Campus Connection West Virginia Day of Play 

ESPNU Sports Packages

     West Virginia's offense has helped the Mountaineers get off to a fast start. As ESPNU Campus   Connection      Correspondent Reghan Bailey found out, the Mountaineers are building for the rest of the season and beyond.

     For West Virginia volleyball freshman Payton Caffrey, playing at the highest level has come  naturally to her.    ESPNU Campus Connection contributor Ashley Rogers shares how Caffrey is   staying grounded despite the hot start. 

     An Olympic Celebration took place on Sept. 26, a little over a month since the Olympic Games 
     has finished. However, West Virginia fans' outpouring of support has continued ESPNU Campus
     Connection Correspondent Reghan Bailey has more on the event. 

     For West Virginia punter Billy Kinney wearing the number 15 is about more than just a number. 
     ESPNU Campus Connection Correspondent Nikki Kaye has the story of a hometown kid making good.