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Ethan Weidenfeld



Twitter: @EthanWWVUNews

Fun Fact: I have been editing videos since I was 7 years old.

            Ethan Weidenfeld is a Senior Television Journalism student at West Virginia University with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Originally from Cherry Hill NJ, he never saw himself coming south for college, but is now extremely grateful for his decision.

            Ethan’s love for editing and producing material began when he was a child. As he has grown, Ethan has used his skills in many outlets. These include running social media for multiple university departments, editing and producing news stories for the LGBT commission of West Virginia, and now being a part of WVU News.

            After graduation in May, Ethan hopes to find work in a television or film studio. If you asked him his dream job, he’d say he wants to professionally create movie trailers. Beyond that, anything where he gets to communicate with people from a higher level would be more than satisfactory. Working at the news station will hopefully be a stepping-stone to his future career.