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Newscast #4 - Ashley Rogers - Spring 2017

Show four!

I was so excited to start the preparation for show four. During the time I have off, I like to go out with the reporters to help them film interviews, broll, and standups/SOT TZs. I do miss reporting but I really, really like producing.

I worked with Tessa and Courtney on some really cool and interactive standups this week.

This week writing the script got easier. I did more research and tried to connect the stories together more. My favorite was the connection between the Trump and fake news stories. I also paid more attention to my script. I probably read it about 20 times to make sure everything was right before deadline.

I tried to work on being more creative and teasing in the A tease better. I’m still trying to figure out what is too much and what is just right.                                                                                

After packages were due, the web producer and I did critiques and sent them off. The next day I notified everyone who made show and then I jumped right on the script. I tried to get it all done on Friday so I’d just have to edit on Saturday.

Next, we had fixes and then the read through. I typically let them read through once and then I give feedback before they read again. They are really good at taking direction and are able to adjust quickly.

And then there was show day.

It felt like we flew right through the show! We were finished within an hour and a half. I was so impressed! The show was technically perfect, and the talent did great. Everyone is coming along so well, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


After the show we had a short news meeting and then went off to start prepping for the next show!

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