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Newscast #3 - Reghan Bailey - Fall 2016

October 10, 2016

Being a sports anchor for WVU News is something I’ve dreamt of since my senior year of high school, and the time finally came.    Reghan

The upcoming week was stressful, yet exciting – really a whirlwind of emotions. I just was looking forward to Wednesday morning at 9 o’clock. But like everything in life, hard work pays off. I had made it through one show, saw how our other sports reporter handled the “spotlight” and I knew I had to prove myself and show that I could do this, too. I worked on my voice, I worked on my facial expressions and everything it takes to make “sportsing” as good as possible.

The week before show I was finalizing my second package on the three WVU Olympians and how the
community has continued to show amazing support for them and either collegiate and olympic careers.
I finalized my package on Thursday, turned it in and just prayed it would either be good enough for 
show or good enough for ESPNU to pick up.


Luckily, ESPNU picked it up the very next day. My second package was picked up by a sister-channel
to one of the most accredited sports networks. Getting congratulations from fellow students, teachers,
and previous bosses is one of the best feelings a young journalist could get. Not a bad start to the year, 
fingers crossed it continues. 

The days leading up to the show weren’t what I expected. I thought I would be nervous, on-edge, and honestly a wreck. Tuesday during read-through’s I felt comfortable reading alongside the other anchors and reporters on-set. But Tuesday night was different, I couldn’t sleep; I was tossing and turning, couldn’t fall asleep. Finally around 2 am, I fell asleep!!

WEDNESDAY IS THE DAY! I woke up feeling calm, just going through the motions of hair and makeup, 
doing last minute read-throughs. I get to the studio see the other anchors and students, nerves start to
kick in. During the first run through I blacked out, I don’t remember anything other than getting into that 
anchor seat and reading off the teleprompter. I’m not going to lie, not as hard as I thought it would be. 

anchors pink

My first take was a rough one, but I took criticism well and I stepped it up for the next two takes. Third time’s a charm, three takes and we’re out. I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of the TA’s, our AMAZING producer Megan, and everyone else on-set! I’m so excited to see the show and how everything turned out, but I’m even more excited to sit behind that anchor desk.