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Newscast #6 - Nikki Kaye - Fall 2016

November 7, 2016
I had a great time shooting this story with Kyle. I interviewed one of the most generous donors to WVU who
is an alumni. He played football for the mountaineers for a short period of time until her suffered a career 
ending knee injury. Dan Catullo was a great interview, he was very outgoing and Kyle and I had a great time 
with him. The week leading up to show is exciting because you get to buy a new dress and use new make 
up, anything like that. 

Some of my group two friends and I usually have a dinner the night before the show, we’ve had tacos once
and turkey another time. We really do have a great group and I wouldn’t be able to do anything I do without 
my group and my producers , technical people and directors. Ashley also did an outstanding job helping me shoot my stand up this week. Although my sports reporter partner Jonah’s package made show, mine made BOR. Jonah had a great sports package this week on the men’s basketball team and their gold and blue 
game. Both Jonah and I had to go to interview times with football and basketball and conduct interviews 
with players based on our stories.

The final days leading up to show are nerve racking because you’re doing some read throughs, trying to find 
out with colors everyone is going to wear things like that. The night before show we all send photos of our dresses to each other to make sure our tones match up properly. We also had a final read through that night before the show and work out any little kinks we may have.

The morning of the show we wake up early, and get all dolled up and usually carpool with other members
of the group while reading our scripts to each other. When we get inside we do last final touches on hair, 
makeup and Professor Dahlia picks out our necklaces (which is more difficult than one may think). But we
always have a good time on show day, sometimes someone brings donuts or bagels that we nibble on 
before or after the show. We all get our laughs in making sure everyone looks good and sounds good
before we have to be completely serious.

During the show this week I was talking a little flat and needed a little pep talk and that’s exactly what 
you get with this hardworking group of people, after they told me what to fix I fixed it right away and 
everything sounded much better. I had a great time on set this week and would never be able to do this 
without the whole crew and 
group two.    

                                                                                                             Dylan    full set