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Newscast #8 - Jonah Marcum - Fall 2016

Jackson Lilly 
November 15, 2016  |

I knew the second time would be much smoother than the first. First time, I was stressing all week, no sleep and endless practicing beforehand. Of course the nerves were still there, but it was nothing near like before. I ended strong the first show I anchored, so now I wanted to start strong this time. Consistency is a huge thing for me.                                                                                                               

After I submitted my package featuring Daikiel Shorts Jr., it was out of my hands whether or not I would make show. When I got the news I didn’t make show, I wasn’t even that disappointed because I was so excited to anchor for this show. In my opinion, anchoring has been the most fun part of this entire class. This is coming from a guy who overly stressed about the first time, but it was one of the best moments of my life. So, after the news arrived, I focused solely on anchoring.


After the weekend, I was into the edit lab ready to make the minor adjustments on my package. My package was a feature on WR Daikiel Shorts Jr. and how he has quickly become one of the leaders on the football team. I was so proud of this story, I was super proud how my standup turned out. I couldn’t even focus editing because I was picturing Wednesday morning. 

 on set

Before I know it, the next two days fly by and Wednesday morning happens. I wake up full of excitement and ready to take on this show. When I get to the studio and get ready for the show, the nerves suddenly kicks in and nearly felt like dejá vu from the first show. On the first take, with all of the JRL 386 students watching, I choke up after my first sentence. I laugh about it now, but I completely froze on set. I still think that was the worst take I’ve ever done. After the take was over, I told myself, it can’t get worse than that. So, I brushed it off and for the rest of the time at the studio, I didn’t mess up. I even improvised a few times through and it just started to become natural. I was very happy with how the show turned out. Everyone did such a great job.

It’s crazy to think I’m turning in my last package for this class. I remember boot camp like it was yesterday. This class has been such a blessing to me. It’s helped me realized how sports news is in the real world. This last package will be bittersweet for me, but I can’t think too much about break, I got to get to work on my last package!