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Newscast #9 - Reghan Bailey - Fall 2016

December 5, 2016
My time as a sports reporter/anchor for WVU News has finally come to an end. This semester was truly something I will never forget. This last time around was our special edition show on the heroin epidemic throughout the country and how it’s affected our state of West Virginia. As you can expect, sports had to take a different route but still tie it into the topic.                                                                                                           

For our show, I decided to learn about the effects drugs have on an athlete’s body and how the university helps prevent their athletes from falling under the influence. Taking this route allowed me to think outside the box and really get a different angle on sports that reporters tend to not focus on. WVU’s Sports Medicine Staff was more than helpful with providing procedure processes, more information than found through research and were accommodating – which allowed for an excellent special edition piece.

 three shot

Even though my package didn’t make show this week, ESPNU did pick up my story. This is the fourth story of mine this semester they have picked up. I wasn’t expecting for them to pick up a story like this, so when I saw Ashley tweet out that they had picked it up, I realized how good and interesting of a package it was.


At the conclusion of the week, Thanksgiving break was rolling around, and I knew I wouldn’t see the group 1 crew for about two weeks (due to break + no packages due after break). It’s a bittersweet feeling the semester and our time with WVU News concluding. We’ve all come such a long way, we’ve broke records, we’ve built friendships, and so much more. Some of us graduate, they will go out and get jobs and finally “become adults,” while the rest of us will stay back and have one more semester.

   Reghan bailey

Luckily, many of our reporters are taking WVU News again in the spring and since Professor Dahlia chose me as the ESPNUTeaching Assistant, I’ll get to spend my last semester of college with them. Thanks for a great semester group 1, and WVU News. I will miss you.