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Newscast #5 - Hannah Goetz - Spring 2017

Let me start out by saying I am VERY appreciative and thankful not only for my WVU News family, but for a career path that allows me to work in a team setting with people who are always willing to help. But I’ll get back to that side of things later in the blog.

My story for show number 5 was a feature story on Robyn Bernard, a gymnast at WVU. Robyn’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was in high school and I got the chance to hear her story. 

I started out the week by attending the gymnastics meet, which was absolutely amazing! The meet was benefitting breast cancer awareness… so it tied right into Robyn’s story.


It was my first time filming gymnastics on the floor and I had a blast. These girls are serious athletes. I have always enjoyed watching gymnastics, but that perspective made it 10x better. 

Later in the week I had a sit down interview with Robyn at the WVU gymnastics practice facility. It was one of those interviews that was so easy and enjoyable. It is always great interviewing a well-spoken genuine person. I then got to film practice and got to see a side not everyone does. 

The story was coming along, but when I went to play back my stand-up that I filmed at practice I realized my audio was blown out from the music they were blasting. No big deal, I would just re-shoot sometime over spring break 

Now I bring you back to why I am so appreciative of my WVU News family. On my way home for spring break I got in an accident right before the tunnels going into Pittsburgh…don’t worry I’m okay, but my car wasn’t. I totaled my poor car and now was stuck without a stand-up for my deadline. I had so much love and support pouring in from my peers and Professor Dahlia that it really put me at ease.  

The funny thing about all this is I ended up going to my sister’s gymnastics practice in my hometown and filming my stand-up with her there (she’s 15). But it was fun showing her what I do and turning a not-so-great situation into a fun experience for the both of us! 

I returned back to Morgantown after spring break and my WVU News team was there waiting to have my back if I needed it! You do a lot of work on your own in this industry, but it is good to have a team behind you if you need it.  

I finished the package, and even used the stand-up that I let my sister help me with! And as I try to think of an ending for this blog post, I just found out the story got picked up by ESPNU…can’t end on a better note than that! Until next time everyone

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