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Newscast #6 - Andrew Caridi - Spring 2017

It’s starting to become a comfortable routine for me. It’s not worry before shooting. It’s not nervousness for B-roll. It’s not complicating the process. Midway through the WVU news season everything is starting to feel familiar and it’s becoming more fun than a challenge. As in all things, news is best when fresh, and that’s what I went with this week. Sort of.


The West Virginia Rifle team is one of a kind team when it comes to collegiate athletics. They’re young, dominant, and have a special connection with those involved with them. Their 5th straight national championship is surprisingly only the 2nd longest title streak for the program. Winning six in a row isn’t natural, but again, this team isn’t either. Reporting a celebration isn’t something I’ve done before, but it posed as an opportunity to make things exciting. I came up with a creative standup simulating a barrel and/or scope for the camera where I would pop in and use it for effect. With the newfound comfort, I found innovation as well, and I couldn’t be in a better situation than with a bunch of happy people at the coliseum.                                                                                              

With the likes of President E. Gordon Gee, Athletic Director Shane Lyons, and many other notable figures this package stood out the most for me due to the precedence of the patrons. It’s quite literally a microcosm of the goal in journalism, to show not tell. The presence and action of these people give weight and meaning to the story that anybody otherwise simply couldn’t. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation this week.


The show went swimmingly this week. Main anchors are gaining confidence, TD’s are locked in, and it’s not everyone's first rodeo. We’re coming along quite well. I probably felt a little better last week than I did this week due to the strength of my anchor lead in. Last week’s was focused and simple, while the rifle lead needed a little more nuance and a bit of creativity. As long as it’s okay with the boss, it’s okay with me.


At the midpoint, this class has been equally rewarding as it has been challenging. I’m pushed to go the extra inch while wanting to do it at the same time. With ESPNU picking up my package for the 3rd week in a row, it’s safe to say I think I’ve got the hang of it.