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Newscast #10 - Jackson Lilly - Spring 2017

Another cycle of WVU News is coming to a close and my time to pass the torch to the next producer is at hand. Instead of the regularly scheduled pitch meeting, a celebration was held where everyone ate their fill at a breakfast banquet and thanked the people that they interviewed or helped them along the path of WVU News. This was very different from what had happened in weeks past due to the final show using packages that had put together from previous weeks. Everyone was free to work on their final portfolios as the final show drew closer.

The read through wasn’t too out of the norm. However, almost all of the on-air talent for this show I had not worked with before. So, figuring out their style and how to get the best out of them took a few runs, but after everything went smoothly. Since the script had a lot of movement, I had them in their positions and they worked on their delivery while moving. It took a little longer than most weeks because of that and that it is a special edition show.

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