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Newscast #8 - Ashley Rogers - Spring 2017

These past two weeks have been a whirlwind! In between preparing for show eight and the special edition show, we’ve been working nonstop. I know I say this about every show, but this show is now my new favorite. I really liked the script and filming was a breeze.  We had our news meeting, and as usual I jumped in filming standups. 

                         conference          Tessa

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Newscast #7 - Jackson Lilly - Spring 2017

For this cycle of WVU News the atmosphere was a little different. I am not sure if it was due to Group 1 being halfway through the shows or if everyone was just starting to focus on the last special edition show. But, everything continued just as it had in the previous weeks. The pitch meeting on Monday flew by and so did the Tuesday. However, Wednesday was when I was recruited to go with Reporter Casey Gentile to help her shoot at the Monongalia Sheriff’s Department. She was doing a story on the recently acquired body cameras that are to be worn by the on-duty police officers. I thought that it was a very interesting story and one that I was also a little curious about.


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