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Newscast #2 - Ashley Rogers - Spring 2017

First show back at WVU News!

I decided to take a step back and work behind the camera this semester…I think I may like it a little better. The verdict is still out. It’s a different feeling when you are working on the whole project vs your package. It’s hard to explain.

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Newscast #1 - Jackson Lilly - Spring 2017

It is definitely a weird feeling taking this class again. Last semester I was the Web Producer where I oversaw the official WVU News Twitter and website. It was an amazing experience, but now I'm back as the Executive Producer for group one. I still have some of the same responsibilities, but now having this position it makes them feel brand new. 

We start the news week cycle with a pitch meeting and since it was the first one, group two was there to see what was in store for them next week. Throughout the meeting the reporters were learning the ropes on how to properly pitch and they picked up on it quickly. 

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Newscast #10 - Rachel Brosky - Fall 2016

I can’t believe this is my last time writing this blog. It’s crazy how fast the semester has gone by. Preparation for our Special Edition Show was crazy, but I couldn’t have asked for a better group to end this season strong.

I lastly want to thank Professor Gina Dahlia for her guidance this semester. I couldn’t have done it without her. Thanks for reading this blog. I wish the best for the future producers of WVU News.

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Newscast #9 - Megan Saporito - Fall 2016

My final show as an Executive Producer for WVU News is officially complete. The past two weeks were filled with nothing but hard work toward our special edition show, Heroin and Opioids: When Addiction Hits Home. Most people had their story idea weeks in advance, making a smooth transition into the start of show preparations. People had ideas for creative stand-ups and SOT teases, and everyone showcased their talents in their packages.

Picking stories for the show was difficult this time around. All of the stories were important and were important to tell, and with this show being our group’s last, everyone has become great reporters that really know what they are doing. By the end of the day, we had five packages and two VO’s to put in the show. This is a lot of information for one of our newscasts, but I knew we could pull it off. From this point, I was ready to write the script.

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Newscast #8 - Rachel Brosky - Fall 2016

I can’t believe we only have one show left! It’s crazy how fast the semester has gone by.

The week began we our news meeting. We had a lot of great ideas as always, including some stories I care greatly about. It was business as usual for our news team, but the week became interesting due to events outside of Group 2.

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Newscast #7 - Megan Saporito - Fall 2016

One thing WVU News has brought me is the opportunity to work in the edit lab. Working in the edit lab may be my favorite part of my week. I get to help people with their WVU News scripts, editing in premiere, and helping them go beyond their potential. I like having that sneak peak into what people are working on for the show, whether it is in my group or not. I know the help I am offering can make conferences easier for Professor Dahlia and my classmates.

The pressure was on for this shows script because Professor Dahlia wouldn’t be the one proofing it. I know this is what I will be doing after graduation in December, but I still like to have her expertise looking at it before we put it on air. My scripts are constantly improving, but I am still not perfect by any means. I am still focusing on more creative lower-thirds and making smoother transitions between stories. Although it did not get looked at the way it normally does, I am still pretty proud of this script.

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Newscast #6 - Rachel Brosky - Fall 2016

This week was kind of crazy. We are in the middle of our shows and we are on our game when it comes to getting good stories!

I also was a little under the weather, and realized just how great Group 2 is at getting the job done without needing to be asked. I am very fortunate to get to work with such a great team!

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Newscast #4 - Rachel Brosky - Fall 2016

I can’t believe Group 2 has already done our second newscast! This week feels like it went by so fast, and I am incredibly proud of the progress we have made!

Wednesday came, and I surprised myself by not being very nervous. We had everything we needed, and were ready to go! I felt comfortable in the control room and instructed our reporters as we went through tapings. We had a great team behind the scenes, and before long we had a show!

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