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Newscast #1 - Megan Saporito - Fall 2016

September 26, 2016
As I sat to write my first script for WVU News, all I felt was doubt. I didn’t know if this life is what I 
was cut out for or if I was any good at what I am doing. Executive Producer comes with a lot of new responsibilities that I have never had before. However, the first week of taping has now ended and I 
feel absolutely incredible.  

Writing has always been a passion of mine, and having the ability to help write the script for our 
newscast is exciting. My job didn’t really start until the weekend, though, when I had to put everyone’s 
scripts together into a fluid show. I made good use of my extra time throughout the week, helping my 
group film their stand-ups and edit their sound bites together. I really love to edit and having the 
opportunity to help them is important to me. 

edit lab

I instantly realized that being Executive Producer is also a leadership role, which is not something
abnormal to me. Everyone started coming to me with questions about what was going to be due,
what diversity elements should they take on within their stories, and how to format a script. I was 
fearful of steering them all in the wrong direction. I am still trying to figure out the best way to do 
my own job, but I always do what I can to help.

Tuesday night rolled around, and everyone who made show gathered together to read through 
the script. It was the first time I had to lead something like that, and no one else had ever done 
a read through before. We worked out the kinks, and everyone got a feel for the flow of the show, 
which paid off the next morning when we went in for taping. I am getting a feel for how everyone
reads the script, making it easier to write for them and walk them through the script as the semester 

I walked into the studio Wednesday knowing that this day would be filled with more pressure than
most. The team has limited time, everyone is trying to learn how to operate equipment, and everyone 
wants to be their very best. We rolled into a few technical glitches. It took quite a few takes. 
However, for a first taping, I was very proud of everyone. 

Anchors took my feedback well; I always try to give a lot of feedback, both compliments and criticism.
 I wanted everyone’s spirits to stay high on set. I tried my best to talk my anchors through the show 
and make sure the show ended in plenty of time. With the blink of an eye, our time was up. 

Afterwards, messages from my team came with encouragement and a big “thank you” for helping
their get through taping. I felt incredible and confident that this is the job for me! I will continue to do 
whatever my team needs to be successful. There is obviously plenty of room for improvement next 
show, but it can only get better from here.