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Newscast #2 - Rachel Brosky - Fall 2016

October 10, 2016
When I first came into WVU News, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I had reported in the past and was comfortable doing so, but part of me wanted to try something different. So, I decided to try for producer.

That being said, I was in shock to find out that was the position I was given. Thrilled, but shocked.
I wasn’t confident that my work was good enough. One of the first lessons I learned when producing: 
confidence goes a long way.

As a producer, I not only have my own work to do, but also need to make sure my team is able to get done what they need to. I had to check up on stories and give advice to my reporters, which was something I wasn’t used to doing. I noticed that my confidence was contagious though, and if my reporters were confident, then I wouldn’t have to worry about too much.


Friday morning, we announced who had made show that week. It was a relief to know what stories I had to work with and I soon began writing the script for my first show!

Throughout this whole process, I was thankful to have Professor Dahlia and Megan Saporito to help me. Megan had produced the first show of the semester and did a great job, so it was a little intimidating to follow her. That’s when I had to find my confidence again.


With the script done and all packages completed, I sat down with my reporters Tuesday to read through the show. I am so grateful for the support they gave me! It was great to see how excited everyone was, and I knew we were going to have a great show!

Wednesday morning, I was nervous, but excited to see what we would accomplish. I made sure everyone had what was needed for the taping. Everyone at the Waterfront studio was very helpful, and it wasn’t long before we were ready to roll.


It was during the taping that I finally realized something: I love being a producer! The nerves completely vanished and I was alive with the energy of the control room. It was fun to be in constant contact with my anchors to help them get the best take. Before I knew it, the show was done!
I am proud of what everyone was able to accomplish this week. Through it all, I’ve learned a lot about myself, and what it means to be a good leader. There is room to improve, but I know with confidence that we are going to keep getting better and better. I look forward creating shows that my team, Professor Dahlia and West Virginia University will be proud of!