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Newscast #5 - Megan Saporito - Fall 2016

October 24, 2016
My group is over halfway done with WVU News. These past two weeks have been the best we have 
had so far. I even got a chance to see group two in action. I worked a camera for them, and it was an 
interesting experience. It is cool to see how they work together differently from my group, and at the 
same time, we all do things the same. They just have different chemistry. It was a fun experience, but 
watching them made me more excited for my group’s next newscast. I find myself missing the studio
the weeks we are not in it. 

    running camera

The team seems to be getting better about sequence stand-ups and creative SOT teases. It made
deciding who would make show very easy. People are getting creative, and I love seeing how everyone
thinks. We have hit a point in the semester where everyone knows what they are doing. There are
always few mistakes in packages, if there are any. I am always grateful when my team asks for my 
help while filming. I like the practice, and I enjoy spending time with them outside of the newsroom 
and edit lab, places I find myself more often than not. 
                                                                                                                            b studio

I felt this script in particular was one of the better-written ones I have done. I am starting to get
the hang of getting the point while sounding conversational. That is important during a newscast,
especially in keeping the audience with you. Sometimes I find it hard to incorporate statistics 
along with keeping it conversational. However, in the small amount of time I have spent as 
Executive Producer, I have grasped many skills I didn’t have just months ago. My goal this week
is to make everything perfect and have no technical fixes and few, if any, written fixes.

The read through on Tuesday was a little bit chaotic. Between every read, my anchors were trying on what they wanted to wear for show in the morning. We spent an hour reading the script and making outfit changes. A lot of teamwork was required to get all the different clothes they needed, along with making the show sound great and making people familiar with the script. It became a sort of read through and fashion show all in one. It is nights like these that I remember how much fun I have working with my team! There is never a dull moment with any of them.  
Taping this week was good, but energy levels were lower than normal. The weather has been dreary and everyone is getting over being sick, myself included. We also had a few more technical difficulties than normal. However, by the end of the show, everyone seemed excited and ready to move on with new story ideas. I hope that excitement rolls over into our fourth taping. We finished the show at a decent time, and I was very happy with our final results. Two more shows is all we have left. Everyone will only continue to get better!