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Newscast #7 - Megan Saporito - Fall 2016

November 4, 2016
One thing WVU News has brought me is the opportunity to work in the edit lab. Working in the edit lab may be my favorite part of my week. I get to help people with their WVU News scripts, editing in premiere, and helping them go beyond their potential. I like having that sneak peak into what people are working on for the show, whether it is in my group or not. I know the help I am offering can make conferences easier for Professor Dahlia and my classmates.


Picking stories for show is getting easier as the semester goes on. Either people had a few mistakes
or fewer, or they just didn’t make show. This time, almost everyone had a sequenced and/or creative
stand-up’s and SOT teases. They are fun to watch, and they keep people engaged in the stories they
are telling. All of that set aside, we were able to critique all of the stories earlier than ever before. The
team is uploading quickly and correctly, and that makes for a good week for everyone. 

The pressure was on for this shows script because Professor Dahlia wouldn’t be the one proofing it. I know this is what I will be doing after graduation in December, but I still like to have her expertise looking at it before we put it on air. My scripts are constantly improving, but I am still not perfect by any means. I am still focusing on more creative lower-thirds and making smoother transitions between stories. Although it did not get looked at the way it normally does, I am still pretty proud of this script.


For this show’s read through, I decided to get a little stricter with how the anchors were reading. In the past during taping, we typically need to have another reading, so the anchors sound more energetic and “newsy.” With a little motivation this time through, they were reading just the way I wanted them to read for show the next morning. It proved to be helpful for the following morning when an anchor being able to read was on the bottom of the priority list with all of the problems we encountered.


Taping this week was more hectic than normal. Professor Dahlia was out sick for this taping, and we had guests in the studio. Students from a different journalism class came to observe our group in the studio. However, everyone’s plans were put on hold when the fire alarm went off at the Waterfront. The team and I hiked down the Rail Trail to wait for it to end. By the time we were back in the studio, we were tight on time to get a great take. It was really tough calling the shots without guidance from Professor Dahlia, but everyone really came together to make another suitable show. We will be happy to have her back next week, but it is nice to know that we can really put a show together on our own.