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Newscast #2 - Ashley Rogers - Spring 2017

First show back at WVU News!

I decided to take a step back and work behind the camera this semester…I think I may like it a little better. The verdict is still out. It’s a different feeling when you are working on the whole project vs your package. It’s hard to explain.


Anyway, we started off the week with our news meeting. Everyone pitched good stories and I had a good feeling about the group heading into the week. I’ll have to say producing in this setting is a little more relaxed than reporting. I like working with other people and not only teaching them new things, but also learning from them as well. I worked with a couple of the reporters this week shooting their standups. I wanted to get them started on sequencing standups early on.


I was really impressed with everyone just off of the first week. They were very calm and collected on camera, delivered well, and showed dedication and enthusiasm when working on their stories.

I cannot lie, I am a micromanager, it’s my Type A personality. So, I had to reel myself in and remember that it wasn’t my story I was working on and that I had to let them do their own work, make mistakes, and learn.

We went through the motions of preparing for the newscast. Conferences, critiques, and then, time for the script.

 studio b  

I was a little overwhelmed at first but I knew that this is still a learning experience and I am not expected to be perfect. I was determined to get my script done ASAP. I didn’t want to rush through it, but I wanted to see how well I could work on a deadline. Even though I always say I’m more into sports, I found it easy to write mostly about news. I was finding ways to connect stories together and it was great!

Once the script was done it was time for the show! We had our first read through and once again it was different to be that person leading the read through as opposed to being one of the anchors.

The taping took a while, as expected. It was our first show, the crew was learning how to use the equipment, and there were a few technical difficulties. However, once we got in our groove, everything went perfect. We all learned a lot in our first show and with one show under my belt as a producer, I know what I need to look out for when preparing for the next show.  

Overall this week was very rewarding. I am excited to get working on our next show and continue to get better!