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Newscast #3 - Jackson Lilly - Spring 2017

After the first show on Wednesday, all the reporters had some time to prepare their next stories that they wanted to pursue. The pitch meeting on Monday didn’t seem a daunting this time around and we were able to watch the first show with a keener eye in order to fix mistakes for the next show. It was unanimous from the reporters that sequence shooting and more interactive stand up and sot tz’s were things that they wanted to improve on. After watching the video, the reporters were able to pitch much quicker than the previous week and began working on their packages straight away.

After class, I try to wait around until everyone leaves just in case anyone has any questions or needs me to help with anything. I’m glad that I did because our reporter Casey Gentile was having some difficulty figuring out how to make her stand up more interactive. I had been watching quite a few videos of San Diego reporter Joe Little and thought that it would be appropriate that she clone herself. Both Dahlia and her liked the idea and asked me if I would help her shoot. I was overjoyed to be able to help outside my producer role and after the previous package that I helped with didn’t turn out so well. I was more determined than ever.


I met with Casey after she finished her interviews with the police officials down by the rail trail amphitheater. She was able to get new information from the interviews to improve the stand-up script. We were both a little unsure how this would go since it was our first time cloning someone, but after watching Joe Littles tutorial video about fifty times, I was ready to give it a shot. After filming all of the parts, I have to hand it to Mr. Little, that was very difficult to accomplish with two people. One man banding it must take a lot of planning and experience to pull off just right. The stand-up turned out great nothing was overlapping but the one thing that we didn’t think about were the shadows that were cast on the ground. With the amount of time we spent setting everything up and getting the perfect shot, the shadows moved and got cut in the final product. It is really just a minor thing, but something that I will definitely remember for next time.


On Friday, I met Alison Kaiser at the media innovation center to shoot from studio b and it was a bit intimidating because the last time I shot at that location I had Kristen Tuell there to show me the ropes, but this week it was just Alison and I. I made sure that everything was set up to go and as it turns out we were very efficient with only a few takes to get the best result.  

Everyone is improving greatly and in only a few weeks we will be tackling the special edition show. At the rate that everyone is achieving new heights there is not a doubt in my mind that those shows will be the best of the WVU News team.