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Newscast #6 - Ashley Rogers - Spring 2017

This week I learned a lot! I think the experience we get with WVU News is so crucial because you are in real life situations and are able to learn and experience the real things that happen during a newscast. But first, let’s talk about this week. 

As always, I felt like everyone brought great story ideas to the news meeting. It’s as if the reporters are all in sync. Majority of the stories were related some way so it made it really easy to stack the show. 


After the news meeting I started working with everyone on their standups and SOT TZs. I went with Andy to the rifle team’s national championship celebration first. We shot a cool standup using a piece of paper to make it look like a rifle barrel. I think that was probably one of my favorite standups of the week.                                                                                                          

I shot with Tessa at the Innovation center. We recorded her phone on the computer to use in her standup, and then we filmed a standup that she would edit to make it look like she was in her phone. I also helped Courtney, her story was on the Empty Bowls soup luncheon. We wanted to do this really cool standup where we would put the camera in a pot and have her open the pot but the camera was too big. We ended up doing something different, but still interactive. I also helped Briana with another interactive standup on the new health care bill, and then I helped Connor later on in the week with his standup and SOT TZ. 


When it came time for me to write the script it was a little easier because it was easy to tie in the stories. I think the show had a good flow and a good mix of stories. 

When it was time to shoot the show, we were running into a few problems. It was mainly technical but I learned a lot. I learned that even though I watch the stories when they turn them in and when I write the scripts, I need to watch them fully before we start filming. Also, we need to work harder on making sure the sound is on the right channel. We have been having some audio issues and what is supposed to be on the left and coming from the lav mic is on the right and coming from the boom mic. I’m not sure why but that is something I’ll make sure we work on this week. 

Overall, I think we did a great job on the final take. We didn’t go over on time so that’s good. We are getting better and the talent is getting more and more comfortable on camera. We have two shows left…time is flying by. But we will make the best out of these last two shows!